Ready to start marketing your new company or non-profit?

We can develop a social media marketing plan that can help you in:

  • Advertising your new business?

  • Getting the word out about your newly established "AMAZING" nonprofit organization?

  • Creating a Facebook page for a company or an organization?

  • Starting a website?

If so, then ask yourself these simple questions to see if and what advertising is right for you.

Our small team of ad creators can scale your campaigns and grow your business while helping you keep your budget low.

Social media algorithms favor material from consumers above that from businesses. A social media network, such as Facebook, will prioritize a post from a user's friend over a company's post.

Considering a social media ad campaign will assist you in:

  • Attract new followers

  • Create engagement on organic posts

  • Generate brand awareness

  • Remarket your business to interested users

  • And more

How can we start planning, creating, and posting social media content?

Before you begin running advertisements for your business or nonprofit organization, learn what questions you should ask yourself below.

Plans And Pricing Examples...

Using your answers, you can create an outline for your social media strategy.

For example, you may decide that you want to focus on Facebook, based on your audience research, versus Instagram and Twitter. Or, that you want to invest in a tool for scheduling your social media posts, as well as responding to users. While this step involves a lot of thinking, don’t skip it. It’s essential to your strategy’s success.