Planning Your Posts

Whether you're publishing blog pieces, placing advertisements, or posting videos, content drives your social media marketing. You must create stuff for your audience to interact with if you want to engage your following.

Answer the following questions as part of your strategy planning:

  • What content does my target audience respond to on social media?

  • What content can my company create?

  • How much content do I want to post or share each month?

  • How much content can my company create each month?

  • When is the best time to share content with my audience?

  • Who will create the content?

  • Who will publish the content?

  • Who will monitor the content’s comments, likes, and overall engagement?

While you are not required to utilize social networking platforms, it is frequently advised that you purchase at least one.

Simply let us know what you think and what your requirements are. I feel we can get you what you require because you appear to be quite successful already.

Start your path to exploring which platforms and creative are going to work for you and your business.